Demonstrating Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

How can regulatory compliance gaps be identified timely?

Regulatory examinations typically involve providing considerable amounts of information either in the form of existing documentation or responses to questions. Gathering the information can be resource intensive and may expose compliance gaps.

BTI’s Compliance Benchmark Apps streamline the process of preparing for examinations. Most important, via a Compliance Benchmark App, compliance gaps can be surfaced prior to examinations. Questions addressing each requirement of a regulation are compiled into an easy to use questionnaire format. The questionnaire is distributed to stakeholders for completion and sign-off via a web-based tool.

Our Service Offerings

BTI currently offers Compliance Benchmark Apps addressing the following regulations / requirements:

  • The Volcker Rule
  • Fundamental Review of the Trading Book(FRTB)

Compliance Benchmark Apps are planned for other regulations. Please contact us if your organization has a special need for a customized Compliance Benchmark App addressing a specific regulation or requirement:

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The Volcker App

The Volcker Rule requires banks engaged in trading activities within and outside of the U.S. to comply with a broad set of restrictions and requirements. The Volcker App enables banks to track and demonstrate compliance with the Rule at a trading desk level. The App addresses the specific requirements of each exclusion and exemption as well as the enhanced compliance requirements. The App facilitates sign-off by desks, compliance officers and other stakeholders.

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The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book App

Revised standards for minimum capital requirements for market risk have been established by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and are targeted for adoption by banks in 2019.

The FRTB App is designed to aid banks in benchmarking the bank’s and each designated trading desk’s compliance with the FRTB requirements. The App provides a tool for both implementing the requirements and tracking ongoing compliance with the requirements. The App addresses requirements governing the use of the Standardised Approach and the Internal Models Approach.

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