Assessing Compliance Risk in Dynamic Environments


Reduce unpleasant surprises by standardizing your firm’s compliance risk assessment process. RegMapper+ streamlines the process via standardization, and by incorporating the tools you need to efficiently assess risk and respond to new regulatory requirements.

RegMapper+’s set of tools streamlines the build out of your firm’s framework for assessing compliance risk. Use the tools to design a process that fits your firm now. RegMapper+ makes it easy to enrich the process as needed in the future.

The RegMapper+ database has been pre-populated so that you can jump start your assessments. No need to import the text of regulations and changes or organize the text into obligations. Optional models for rating inherent risk and / or control adequacy can be customized.

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Can you guess the current number of regulatory restrictions in the US? All of those restrictions create “compliance risk” for an organization. Find out what compliance risk is and how to manage it.