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What is FirmCover®
Why FirmCover®
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Be In Control ®

FirmCover® is the complete solution for seamlessly safekeeping Procedural Documentation in a secure environment and facilitating updates.

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What Is FirmCover®?

Critical documents describing procedures, workflows and controls – effectively the organization’s proprietary operational knowledge assets – may be located in various places within an organization and may be difficult to access by stakeholders. The documents themselves may be stale as owners have moved on without transferring ownership of the documents.

Our FirmCover® Solution simplifies publishing, safekeeping and refreshing the operational knowledge assets which are critical to your organization’s successful operations. Your organization’s critical policies, controls, procedures and instructions are all housed in a secure place easily accessible to stakeholders.

FirmCover® streamlines updates by owners and communication of changes to stakeholders and maintains extensive change management audit trails. If it’s important to verify that stakeholders understand a procedure or control, a sign-off can easily be set up.

Why Choose FirmCover®?

FirmCover® - a critical tool for managing the complexity of your organization’s dynamic environment – and its demand on faster access to rich information to accelerate decision making and training.
Concerned about securing confidential documents? Access to view and edit FirmCover®'s documents is strictly controlled via permissions.

Any edits are captured by FirmCover’s audit trails including who made the edit and when. Controls over who can print and generate PDFs of documents are also available.
No training is required for stakeholders with view only permissions – generally over 90% of stakeholders.

FirmCover® provides easy-to-use navigation tools, search capabilities across documents, links to reference materials and a flexible glossary enrich the user experience.
Too much documentation? Streamline your organization’s documentation via FirmCover’s efficiency tools.

Set up links within documents and between documents to eliminate repeating text. Use link libraries to reference internal and external urls.
No need to “hunt” for important documents and question whether it’s the latest version.

Safekeep all of your organization’s critical operational knowledge assets – policies, controls, workflows, procedures, work instructions, case studies – in a central, easily-accessible, but protected place. And all previous versions of the document are maintained in FirmCover®’s archives – just in case.

How To Use FirmCover®

Hosted Option
The FirmCover® Hosted Solution simplifies set up and ongoing system administration activities so that your organization can rapidly benefit from the system’s capabilities. BTI provides all the required software and support for your implementation.
License Option
The FirmCover® License Solution is a cross platform application designed for organizations which prefer to manage software in-house. BTI offers a variety of support options to facilitate implementation of the system.
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